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Why you need a level test to take an English course

Published: Jan, 13, 2021 | Author: Lucas Weaver

The first step for anyone who signs up for a student account at Weaver English before they can join an English course is to take a level test. Why is this?

It's important when you take an English course to make sure that your classmates are at a similar English level to you. If your speaking level is lower than your classmates for example, you might not feel comfortable speaking in the class because you are self conscious about your speaking ability. On the other hand, if your level is much higher than your classmates, you might not feel like the course is challenging enough for you.

Like the old expression "you have to walk before you can crawl", it is important that you challenge yourself in your English course, but you don't want to overwhelm yourself by taking on too much of a challenge. You need to start with small, achievable goals, and then build momentum as you go. For most of our students, the first goal should be to communicate comfortably without much stopping for words. You may not always choose the correct word or say it perfectly, but if you're able to communicate, your teacher can correct you and help you by giving you better vocabulary words to use next time.

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Another reason for having different students in different levels, you will learn new vocabulary and new grammar in your lessons. We customize all of our lesson plans in our English courses at Weaver English for the group of students that are in that class. Therefore, you will learn the same new material as your classmates. If we have different students at different levels, one student will find the material helpful, while another student might not learn anything from it.

By requiring a level test before students sign up for an English course, we're able to make sure that students are grouped together of similar levels, making sure that everyone finds their lesson challenging and learns as much as possible.

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